Jack Spareribs with Maynard at the Nor Cal Pirate Fest

Flaming Torches...Spinning Bowls... Balancing Swords... Knives, Apples & Bowling Balls and “Danger”!

Capt Jack fire juggling on stage at Pier 39

Sleight of Hand, Mind-Reading...

Large Stage Illusions with a Pirate Theme

sword basket illusion the flaming voodoo basket of doom
Captain jack sword fight Pier 39 stage

That’s right a pirate magician, juggler, ventriloquist, comedian and Jack Sparrow Look a Like all rolled into one. A pirate that performs magic, juggling and ventriloquism all in one show is not only amazing but Jack Spareribs is one of the ONLY ones that does and certainly the only one with his own PIRATE SHIP!

A complete turn key solution

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 From Grand-Stand to Platform to Street Style or Close up Magic

 From shows on the grounds to many thousands in the crowd

 From pre-school all the way to grandparents..seriously

 Always appropriate... absolutely suitable for young and old